Safety & Comfort Information

The next generation in baby Safety and Comfort

The TwinkleBotts nappy has been the result of years of research and development in the field of natural fibre technology.  We’ve meticulously selected the highest quality fabrics and features to ensure your baby’s comfort, both day and night. The exclusive advantages to the nappy are its biodegradability and comfort for babies. Comfort is a key factor, to provide this our selection of natural materials including responsibly sourced cotton ensures softness and breathability against your baby’s delicate skin whilst still providing instant absorption.  We source the highest quality materials, which are engineered and developed within a supervised and clean production facility.  The nappy is composed of superior cotton, setting the TwinkleBotts nappy apart as a luxury product at an economic price.  It has been specifically constructed to be gentle on your baby.  The chemical composition of the absorption materials is a unique blend, specially formulated for use on babies’ skin.  This results in a healthier and happier baby    The final product is manufactured to ISO standards (ISO9001:2008).  Studies have shown that in terms of absorption, an average infant uses between 6-7 nappies per day, however the TwinkleBotts nappy sits at a lower 4-6 nappies.  Our promise at TwinkleBotts is we endeavour to provide the highest quality product with both your baby and our Earth in mind.