The Twinklebotts Story

TwinkleBotts nappies have been developed and refined over 25 years by a mother-daughter duo specialising in the fields of science and materials engineering.  Its development was in response to the issues caused by traditional disposable nappies, with a major motivation to address environmental consequences.  Traditional disposable nappies form a large part of the polluted world we live in, contributing approximately 114,000 cubic meters of landfill in Australia alone with household garbage and the majority being disposable baby nappies estimated to take between 200-500 years to decompose.  Other environmental issues of concern include polluting harmful chemicals into the environment and eroding of soil quality. The TwinkleBotts nappy addresses all of these issues and more, creating what we believe to be the number 1 disposable nappy product on the planet.  Our aim is to provide the most comfortable and absorptive nappy currently in the Australian and International market.  The majority of materials used in the nappy are composed of natural fibres. It features a unique blend that incorporates old chemical technologies with a new chemical  blend of absorbent polymers (SAP), combining the correct fibres and alternative building methods to ensure the highest quality of product.