1. What are your nappies made of?

TwinkleBotts nappies are made up of a combination of materials, the majority of which are bio-degradable. Our materials were meticulously selected understanding the delicate skin of babies and as such we claim our nappy to be of high quality and assure comfort. The main feature of TwinkleBotts is the selection of materials we have used by using cotton, viscose, corn based bio film and the softest top sheet to further comfort your baby. The key component of the TwinkleBotts nappy is our absorption, which we have developed to provide further comfort to baby’s skin and to uphold our ongoing dedication to develop baby safe products. TwinkleBotts Nappy has gone through intense research and development in the hope of minimising nappy rash and nappy burn.

2. What is biodegradability?

Biodegradability is defined as the break down of materials in to the carbon cycle as a result of biological activity (e.g. microorganisms in the soil). The activity of the microorganisms depends on the content of oxygen, moisture and organics present in the soil. This is biodegradability.

3. Where are the nappies made?

The TwinkleBotts nappy has been designed and developed in Australia. Many of the materials we use are imported from USA and Japan and carry certification for both quality and being responsibly sourced. Our decision to manufacture in China was due to our strong relationship with our Chinese manufacturer which spans back 15 years. The manufacturing process is certified to ISO standards and currently exports baby nappies to Europe, New Zealand and the USA, we are thus very confident of both their quality and reliability. At this moment we are in discussions to collaborate a manufacturing plant in Australia by the end of 2018.

4. How do I choose the right nappy size for my child?

The most important factor in choosing the correct size nappy for your baby is age (months-years) and weight. Nappies are developed to absorb urine according to the age of the baby, as this confirms the capacity of urine the baby can hold at that age. Understanding the physical side of this performance the TwinkleBotts nappies absorption is constructed, the reason we try not to overlap our sizes. TwinkleBotts nappy is made up of a very soft and flexible material and the elasticity around the waist assures a comfortable fit and room for expansion. Therefore, identifying the age and weight is key to choosing the right size nappy for your baby.For example, TwinkleBotts toddler nappy fits a baby upto 2 1/2 years.The next size up is a walker which we hope to market in the near future.

Please refer our sizing chart for more information.

5. Can I be sure that there are no harmful chemicals in the nappy?

We have constructed the TwinkleBotts Nappy to provide both safety and comfort and this is upheld by our unique absorption technology which is the key feature in our product. Our Nappy has been developed to be baby friendly and majority of our nappy is comprised of natural materials.

6. Is the nappy tested on Animals?

We have a very strict ethical practise that we adhere to and are firmly against animal testing; as such we don’t test any of our products on animals.

7. Why did your nappy leak?

The TwinkleBotts Nappies are tested and developed according to age, understanding the amount of urine a baby will pass at a period for that age.  The nappy may leak for many reasons:
For example.

- If the nappy is not fitted well around the waist and leg
- If the size of the nappy is of a different size generally a smaller age group (e.g. A crawler nappy being worn by a toddler baby)
- If the nappy has been kept on too long on the baby and the absorbent capacity has reached its maximum