The Baby Vine reviews: TwinkleBotts

It's an honour to be reviewed by the Baby Vine blog; An educational parenting information community intended for guiding new parents through the first few years. If you don't believe us, have a peek at Babyvine on TwinkleBotts nappies and hear little Elliot's story on saying "ta-ta" to nappy rash, with our super breathable nappies!

//About TwinkleBotts Nappies//

Biodegradable Nappies

biodegradable nappiesI liked to think I would be one of those mums who only bought organic food, would never let my kids eat in the car, and who did cloth nappies…

Biodegradable Nappies

Just kidding, I knew well before I became a mum that this just wasn’t me. I had been around enough kids – as a nanny and aunt – to know just how much work they are, and now that I have three of my own, I was most definitely right.

But they are of course little blessings as well, and I still want the best for them. This is why I was so excited to come across the Twinklebotts range of biodegradable nappies.

A Little About Elliot…


As I mentioned, I am now a proud Mumma to three beautiful kids, but Elliot, who is five months old, has definitely thrown some challenges our way with his eczema. We have been down the path of looking for a Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA), we have had him on a number of different steroid ointments and creams, we have tried various nappy creams and we have got him onto a probiotic.

I like to think we have ticked off many different avenues. Yet his nappy rash is one of the worst I have ever seen.

Each week his skin brakes and often bleeds, and is so red and sore. Thankfully, Elliot is a little trooper and seems completely oblivious to it all, but as a mum, it hurts to watch.

We have tried different barrier creams with very little success… and then we made the switch to TwinkleBotts nappies.

Natural Nappies

The majority of materials used in the TwinkleBotts nappy are composed of natural fibres. It features a unique blend of fibres. The method of absorbency is the key feature to TwinkleBotts Brand. Understanding physical properties of fibres and thermoregulation on human body was the focus in developing this unique construction to be the best and the softest to babies skin.

vivi and elliot twinklebotts

Within a week, Elliot’s nappy rash was completely gone. We are now a month into wearing them and it has yet to come back (and I am hoping it won’t!). He still gets eczema on his face and body, but he doesn’t react to these nappies at all. In fact, we haven’t used a barrier cream on him for weeks now. He doesn’t need it!

Eco Nappies

Like I said, I was never going to be a cloth nappy mum. I care about the environment. I care about my baby’s bum, but I just couldn’t do it…

Well guess what?

Vivi nappyTwinkleBotts is a disposable nappy with a difference. More than 25 years of research has gone into their development, and the nappy itself biodegrades significantly faster compared to others on the market.

His some facts for you to consider:

  • Traditional disposable nappies contribute to about 114,000 cubic metres of landfill in Australia alone.
  • Nappies take between 200-500 years to decompose.The TwinkleBotts nappy? Takes about 120 days to biodegrade to approximately 70%. How amazing is that difference!?In a house of three kids, with two still in nappies, it is nice to think we are making a contribution to the environment.

What We Thought?

We used the nappies for both Vivi (2 years) and Elliot (5 months). The fit was great, although I think Vivi is on her way up a size. We never had any issues with leaks. Vivi could run around in them each day without them riding up or being uncomfortable for her.

The fit for Elliot was perfect, and once again no leaks – which he is quite prone to! They fit well and weren’t too bulky, so he still had plenty of movement. There is supportive elastic at the back, which fit nicely on their bums, without leaving any marks.

biodegradable nappies

Why We Made The Switch?

The answer is simple, they’re great for the environment, great for little bottoms, a great price and, most importantly, they require no extra effort from me. They are a little more expensive than others on the market, but they are so much better for the environment and for nappy rash that they are worth the spend.

I don’t have time to make organic meals every day. I don’t have the patience to not let my kids eat in the car. I don’t have the will to do cloth nappies. But I can buy eco-friendly disposables nappies that do their part.

Plus, Elliot’s bum is looking happier than ever! Check them out here.